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Sandra and Sofia’s story travels between Minnesota, Japan, and then back again to the United States. Sandra grew up in Minnesota with an enduring love of the whispering pines of Minnesota’s northwoods lake country. Due to her adventurous nature, she traveled to Japan and as cosmic humor dictates, lived in Komatusushima (Little Pine Island) City on Shikoku Island. She raised two children in this rural area of Japan that is cozily tucked in by mountains, rivers, rice fields, and the Pacific Ocean. Sofia grew up in this environment and cherishes the gift of coming from a culture that honors art, beauty, and functionality in every aspect of life.

The love of reading picture books in both Japanese and English has always been a source of joy for Sofia and Sandra. Sofia has been drawing pictures for the stories she and her mom have come up with since she could hold a crayon as well as laugh hysterically at Sandra’s Japanese grammar mistakes.

They both now live in the United States, but continue to seek out places of natural beauty and solace. They are thrilled to have brought this long-held dream of creating a book together to fruition.


Sandra Hisakuni is an English Language teacher who has taught in Japan, China, and the United States. She enjoys spending time in the wilderness and with her son and daughter. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Sofia Hisakuni has always had a passion for expressing her creativity through art, drawing, and design. She currently works in marketing, enjoys spending time outdoors, and visiting her mom. She lives in Los Angeles, California. Contact her at sofiahisakuni@gmail.com.

It has been a longtime dream for Sandra and Sofia to create a book together. They hope readers will feel the same joy and excitement they do in sharing this with you.